Pretotyping Day
From your idea to an idea that works in 8 hours.

1st Edition
Milan, May 7th 2022

Why Pretotyping?

The market bites, you're not immune

Thirty thousands new products are launched every year and 95% of them fail to meet their market goals.

This is true even for companies with great execution such as Google: no matter how well you execute on the wrong idea! 

"Interesting" is not enough, no matter who says it

Surveys, interviews, expert opinions, market trends, asking feedback about our MVP.

None of these will save you from drying up your bank account. Because opinions cost nothing and so they’re worth nothing. They tell nothing about your market success, even if they come from investors and analysts.

Build the right it before building it right

Pretotyping is an innovation toolkit developed at Google and Stanford to test and tweak ideas for new products quickly, objectively, and accurately. 

How? By pretending you already have a product and measure real commitment, not “interesting project” feedbacks.

"The way to get good ideas is to get lots of ideas and throw the bad ones away"
Linus Pauling, 2x Nobel prize
Be like him 👆, not like him 👇
So, the Pretotyping Day
  • A full-day workshop to test your idea and tweak it until it’s worth it.
  • Let’s meet in Milan @Enlabs at 10AM of May 7th.
  • Bring with you or your team an idea for a new product or service.
  • We will design, execute and analyze experiments on your idea until 6PM.
  • The faster you test, the more experiments you’ll run, the higher your chances to move from an idea to a good idea.
  • The best pretotyped ideas will get a chance to receive a pre-seed investment from our sponsor Horizan VC!

Pretotyping Day
From your idea to an idea that works in 8 hours.

Approved by Alberto Savoia, first Engineering Director at Google and inventor of Pretotyping
Main Partners

Giacomo Poggiali is a 0 to 1 Product Manager for Early-Stage Startups (from 0 to Series A) and a Certified Pretotyper


Validate your idea in 8 hours

Use Experiments to collect Your Own Data.


Most frequent questions and answers

We’re doing our best to keep the cost of this workshop as low as we can, to enable even brilliant low-income people or students to attend. We’ve now fixed the price at €25 instead of the initial €80 price. This was possible thanks to our sponsors and partners who are helping us covering the costs. Also, the hosts of the event will receive no compensation for this workshop: we just want to cover the expenses and help as many sharp people becoming even sharper!

If there will be any profit, it will go to Startup Checklist to cover some of the tools for their open source project for educating wannabe entrepreneurs!

This event will be offline in Milan and it won’t be recorded. If you’re interested to join but you can’t make it to Milan on May 7th, here you can sign up for a future online edition of the Pretotyping Day, or tell us where you’d like an offline edition to be. 

As you prefer! The ticket is thought for teams (up to 4 people working on the same idea) but if you want you can form a solo team. 

It will be in English, unless all attendants will speak Italian well. However, while going to the tables to help with feedback and tips, the hosts will use your preferred language among English, Italian and Spanish

Sure you can. Just reply to the receipt email requesting an invoice with your company data.